Rho: the Undefined Journey was developed by 12 students during a game design minor 
The assigment was to create a game that would be succesful to a certain audience
(yes seriously that was the assigment) I was the
Lead Game Designer on this project
, did some artwork, the User Interface and created the puzzle filled island in Unity.

Our hard work got rewarded by landing a #2 position at the 

Indiegamedevelopmentconference in Amsterdam.
The story of Rho
Rho: the Undefined Journey is an open world, puzzle, exploration game. The player takes on the role of Rho, a boy from the depressing planet "Skhonar". Rho wants to find happiness so he takes his chance, steals a spaceship and goes on an undefined journey into space, to find a better place...

Eventually Rho crashes on a bright and colourful planet where the game starts. The player can explore a mysterious island and with Rho's ability to take on other life forms he can solve puzzles and reach higher grounds. 

Artwork by: Rick van Willigen
Game Design
World Design
User interface
Designing Puzzles 
and Quests
Designing creatures and their abilities
Gameplay mechanics
User Interface
The elements of the user interface had to work well with the environment. The high contrast and friendly looking elements made the interface stand out from the rest of the game
To make it interesting for the other target group, the game needed a mystery, a story about the world and the characters that are in it.
Younger gamers need a lot more feedback when they play a game. The interface has to be clear and give the players feedback on where they are, and where they should be heading next. 
The game was targeted at teenagers
(13 to 16 year old) but it also had to appeal to gamers that experienced games like Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie. As a lead game designer I had to make a lot of choices on how the game could be of interest for both target groups.
I designed the website for promotional use. At the top of the site we wanted to show a gameplay trailer and other media. If you scroll down you can read the story of the game and download the demo.

The website is designed to represent the visual style of the game.

This project was so big that I can't show everything I did
but you can download our Beta demo below:

As a lead game designer
I was responsible for the following elements:

Melvin Poppelaars ‚Äč Game Designer & Artist